Leopard vs Rottweiler

16 Лют 2021
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Leopard vs Rottweiler
#Shorts #Leopard #Rottweiler

  • Always Been my favourite animal since i was a kid.! So cool

    GolfR32GolfR32Годину таму
  • People be like: "these arent pets" Theyre friends

    Mugabe M'DikMugabe M'Dik2 години таму
  • Weak jump and the dog couldn't understand what's going on... Imagine, what jumps can do leopard, when it is necessary... 🤪🤪🤪

    Miroslav IvanovMiroslav Ivanov2 години таму
  • That's coolest slow-mo I've seen for awhile

    rawjunkrawjunk3 години таму
  • Cats and dogs

    Forward To The PastForward To The Past4 години таму
  • Coolest pet family ever. So jelly

    Joe jJoe j4 години таму
  • That was pretty badass I'm not gonna lie😯 but ones as endangered as this shouldn't be domesticated 🙏💯💯💯🤑🥴🤕🤒

    Arion PaytonArion Payton4 години таму

    killercaos123killercaos1235 годин таму
  • leopard are majestic jungle dwelling predators

    HeartBeastHeartBeast8 годин таму
  • did this panther just juke a dog while being in the air

    Jacob RobisonJacob Robison9 годин таму
  • Dog is still looking at where the cat was supposed to be . lol

    Thomas CorbettThomas Corbett9 годин таму
  • Wow, amazing how that pretty cat pushed off the tree .

    Thomas CorbettThomas Corbett9 годин таму
  • It's like the Matrix lobby scene.

    marccas10marccas1010 годин таму
  • This jump was sick 🔥

  • Look how good he is

    John SolnierJohn Solnier12 годин таму
  • Wow !!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Lenell WilliamsLenell Williams12 годин таму

    zero8052zero805216 годин таму
  • Handsome

    Andrey BarmaleyAndrey Barmaley17 годин таму
  • he got his ankles broken

    LilaRav vLilaRav v19 годин таму
  • Not leopard puma. If he was hungry he would kill your dog

    IDKBOYIDKBOY22 години таму
  • 그것은 제 잔상입니다만?

    Duho ChoiDuho Choi23 години таму
  • Ninja vs. Tank

    tsu batevatsu batevaДзень таму
  • Reflex game on 💯

    Emanuel JohnsonEmanuel JohnsonДзень таму
  • Классно

    hhДзень таму
  • Leopard *LOL* 🤣🤣🤣

    Trevor TeeTrevor TeeДзень таму
  • That Leopard was in the Matrix Zone byworld.info/work/0a-JkWeGn3yS3Mc/v-d-a.html

    B DulB DulДзень таму
  • this shit will go viral

    Pau GasolinaPau GasolinaДзень таму
  • Leopard: You down to parcore bruh? Dog: Bruh you don't gotta ask me twice

    ThaReal TruthThaReal TruthДзень таму
  • Бесподобно!😊👍

    Николай ЛемкоНиколай ЛемкоДзень таму
  • Pisei

    Kennedy_PimentaKennedy_PimentaДзень таму
  • You have these both? Wow

    Dr. Ashish Gopal DewanDr. Ashish Gopal DewanДзень таму
  • I thought that dog was about to have it.

    Big BossBig BossДзень таму
  • Save 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 please

    Zilton ZanelattojuniorZilton ZanelattojuniorДзень таму
  • That Leopard is from the martix

    godfather1983godfather1983Дзень таму
  • Какой прыжок!

    Лариса КабановаЛариса Кабанова2 дні таму
  • That cat shows some a amazing cognitive ability. For whatever reason it used the tree to push off so that it's trajectory placed it behind the dog. Simple yet amazing.

    winston millerwinston miller2 дні таму
  • "Black ninja" .....that move...wow

    Thomas RomundstadThomas Romundstad2 дні таму

    neverpure20neverpure202 дні таму
  • Leopard: ninja skills activated

    DD2 дні таму
  • Those two are friends. I have seen them in other videos playing in the snow.

    Billy Roy HoustonBilly Roy Houston2 дні таму
  • Dodge

    Ştandart KazımŞtandart Kazım2 дні таму
  • it's like Matrix

    Hung VictorHung Victor2 дні таму
  • Грациозно! Мастерский прыжок!

    митя агаповмитя агапов2 дні таму
  • wow....

    Serge OstrovskiSerge Ostrovski2 дні таму
  • You are such a lucky girl to have these friends

    VideObsessionVideObsession2 дні таму
  • How old is the panther

    mysticmystic2 дні таму
    • 9 м

      Çрыч MøрдычÇрыч Møрдыч2 дні таму
  • As people would say: Stealthy and agile as a panther. And here it is the best confirmation of the facts.

    Blaster53Blaster532 дні таму
  • ultra dodging skillz

    NighTxBadBoyNighTxBadBoy2 дні таму
  • woooow, that jump!

    Peter SzaszPeter Szasz2 дні таму
  • Matrix move neos cat

    TrueThaiChampionTrueThaiChampion2 дні таму
  • Красота!!!!!!!

    Kolun KolunKolun Kolun3 дні таму
  • thats some ninja stuff. rottweiller has no chance. he well have teeth in his throat before he can see where the leopard is.

    Ahmet KocAhmet Koc3 дні таму
  • Never seen something like that, its Like a Ninja Glad im Alive we're we dont need to Fight animals Like that, woah 😂

    ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░3 дні таму
  • Love it

    Eric HeppnerEric Heppner3 дні таму
  • ninja

    俺じゃ。俺じゃ。3 дні таму
  • Perfect move kittie!

    Wood WormWood Worm3 дні таму
  • Ninja cat.

    Stewart MakinsonStewart Makinson3 дні таму
  • leopard...

    Канал интелегентаКанал интелегента3 дні таму
  • A cat is a cat regardless of size 😂

    Steve FeltenSteve Felten3 дні таму
  • Flying Panther Style🥋

    Grahf ZeroGrahf Zero3 дні таму

    Got WolfGot Wolf3 дні таму
  • What kind of black leopard is this?it's fur so fluffy

    Nang SteadyNang Steady3 дні таму
  • Она лютейшая

    Саня CrushСаня Crush3 дні таму
  • "oh my friend" friend moves killer instinct kicks in > jump kittys brain: "no he is your friend dont kill" cancels midair another day the doge survived phew

    NocturnNocturn3 дні таму
    • @Forward To The Past you are fun at partys, arent you?

      NocturnNocturn3 години таму
    • Rottweiler's where breed to hunt wolves so a leopard is no match

      Forward To The PastForward To The Past4 години таму
  • That was some Matrix shit right there..

    Wide Awake!Wide Awake!3 дні таму
  • Леопард спокойно ломает всех псов

    Дмитрий СябровДмитрий Сябров3 дні таму
  • ну, капец, у вас там живность)))

    Sasniy KunSasniy Kun3 дні таму
  • Double jump to rottie dodgy

    Artemis Trinity 33Artemis Trinity 333 дні таму
  • 유연한 동작

    정치성정치성3 дні таму
  • Here Doggy hold my CatNip, lemme show you how to sneak attack.

    Sebastijan VeseljiSebastijan Veselji3 дні таму
  • Зачем против. Они же друг друга любят. Вот если на одного из них кто нападёт, то звиздюл получат от обоих.

    Башни Net!Башни Net!3 дні таму
  • As much as I love dogs and I love me some dogs but gooooolly felines are just something else

    Kevin GeorgesKevin Georges3 дні таму
  • I am guessing these to know each other or?

    HesteBremseHesteBremse3 дні таму
  • What a pump fake bait & switch! Nice. house cats are worthless but ..black cats matter

    Gabe GordonGabe Gordon3 дні таму
  • Since when are leopards black?

    skio 01skio 013 дні таму
    • byworld.info/work/vpx2x6KwpoNtmdM/v-d-a.html&ab_channel=TheLionWhisperer

      Томас АвтокефальчукТомас Автокефальчук2 дні таму
  • The cat would have pwned that dog so hard lol. Gotta love the cat‘s mischievous humor! 😆

    taxiuniversumtaxiuniversum3 дні таму
  • Я уж думал кинется прям на собаку, Ан нет, взмыла вверх и играюче рядом приземлилась!!! Замечательная пантера !!! 🐈😺😎👍✌️

    Николай ЗаварухинНиколай Заварухин4 дні таму
  • Named my cat luna 5 years ago...why tf is she so small?? -_- life is unfair

    bouris b • 24 years agobouris b • 24 years ago4 дні таму
  • Damn its fucking beautiful that leopard...

    tbhturbotbhturbo4 дні таму
  • Didn’t expect to see a leopard Neo

    long xiaolong xiao4 дні таму
  • Ha! Freakin Ninja!

    Dwayne G.Dwayne G.4 дні таму
  • Parkour cat version.

    Rohan PoddarRohan Poddar4 дні таму
  • This is some MATRIX sh*t here !!!

    Kenan OzerKenan Ozer4 дні таму
  • That was so cheeky fam 🤣

    Active YTActive YT4 дні таму

    Jacob WJacob W4 дні таму
  • So cool

    William PhillipsWilliam Phillips4 дні таму
  • Isn't that a black panther? Not a leopard...the tail is a panther or couger....they do exist as well.

    Stiles SlossonStiles Slosson4 дні таму
    • Stiles Slosson Actually there’s no such an animal as panther. It’s either a black jaguar or a black leopard. Don’t believe me? A simple google search will tell you that.

      Томас АвтокефальчукТомас Автокефальчук2 дні таму

    Mike PirosMike Piros4 дні таму
  • U didn't say the leopard was part ninja.

    Steve BennettSteve Bennett4 дні таму
  • Haduuuuken

    ARTART4 дні таму
  • That leopard just went full Matrix

    Michelle TMichelle T4 дні таму
  • Big cats are love ❤️

    Vivek singhVivek singh4 дні таму
  • WOW, I showed this to my 8yr old nephew he loved it. He said "WOW Uncle, "This fat cat did some ninja kicks, ninja moves" lmao hahahaha. Thanks great video. Him saying that made my day better. So cute and cool.

  • попрыгунчик

    AnunnakAnunnak4 дні таму
  • must have grown up together

    Barron IngramBarron Ingram4 дні таму
  • Why did you cut the film there??? The most fun part 😪

    A EA E4 дні таму
  • 😶😶😶👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    T.C MillsT.C Mills4 дні таму
  • Literally a ninja

    Old DohkoOld Dohko4 дні таму
  • Parkour cat leave dog dumbstruck...

    Robert WalshRobert Walsh4 дні таму
  • I see Kong fu panda has a new member.

    Colby SiminoColby Simino4 дні таму