new minecraft mob

6 Крс 2021
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wooow crocodile

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  • Fun fact:the build is actually from average tuna sandwich.

    soujanya bhatsoujanya bhat15 хвілін таму
  • Аnd

    Perry 142Perry 14218 хвілін таму
  • Jaja new mob is cocodrile

    Moisés Ulloa the 12Moisés Ulloa the 1221 хвіліна таму
  • "name an animal with 3 letters in its name" gameshow contestant:

    Thomas's ThingsThomas's Things26 хвілін таму
  • I wish that mob was edited in new update 👍👍

    ゼニツあがつまゼニツあがつま49 хвілін таму
  • It s a sarcosuchus

    Gus KaGus Ka53 хвіліны таму
  • The crocodile eyes was soo cute 😍😍😍😍

    Dhairya BhagoraDhairya BhagoraГодину таму
  • c r o c o d i l e .

    OG OWENOG OWENГодину таму
  • Legends know that he is building crocodile 😎

    Bhumik 553Bhumik 5533 години таму
  • Sheeeeeeeeeesh

  • Cool new mob!

    Hadley the bestHadley the best5 годин таму
  • OmG GuYs ItS A nEw MoB ToTallY nOt ClIcKbAiT ToTallY NoT A mOd Lol

    tt1łøvę12 äñd brëžžÿ dä godtt1łøvę12 äñd brëžžÿ dä god5 годин таму
  • this is illegal

    omer çaylıomer çaylı5 годин таму
  • So sweet crocodile

    Sofia RejSofia Rej7 годин таму
  • This is from averagetunasandwich's video

    Stanley MoragaStanley Moraga8 годин таму
  • Jgmsg asv EGzeegsve had brz

    Milan SaricMilan Saric8 годин таму
  • It seems dead, maybe mom and didn’t program it right -|

    I am Mr.person who watches animationsI am Mr.person who watches animations9 годин таму
  • Simpleee

    firena_ 12_channelfirena_ 12_channel10 годин таму
  • Seem legit to me!

    GreenibilityGreenibility11 годин таму
  • oh i actually saw this in another video

    (Tawan) Warat Tripichpakdee(Tawan) Warat Tripichpakdee11 годин таму
  • pog

    xStxllaxxStxllax12 годин таму
  • Good👍👌 Thanks🙏

    RajaAbangGantengRajaAbangGanteng13 годин таму
  • Did you know that theres actually a saltwater crocodile

    The melonThe melon13 годин таму
  • To finish, a simple ritual to the crocodile again life :)

    F4k OutF4k Out13 годин таму
  • Interior crocodile alligator

    top 30top 3013 годин таму
  • Steve te miro desde hace 4 años y cada video que miro me llena de inspiración para levantar la cabeza y no bajarla aunque no tenga muchos subs se que algún día seré como vos. Muchas gracias steveeeeeeeeee por momentos divertidos 😘😘😘!!!!

    Leandro FusterLeandro Fuster13 годин таму
  • Lol

    NiceNice14 годин таму
  • The Giant Craftian Alligator is Finally Here

    NotGalactekNotGalactek14 годин таму
  • I saw this on insta

    Yzzy WorldYzzy World14 годин таму
  • I think I saw that in some video

    Kyle Angelo PenarandaKyle Angelo Penaranda14 годин таму
  • Wow looking at a minecraft aligator

    Edward PamplonaEdward Pamplona17 годин таму
  • Damn. You're starting to be smarter than entire Mojang company.

    CiasteczeqCiasteczeq18 годин таму
  • Why is everyone saying it's a crocodile a platypus a fish or a bird? Stop joking, we all know that it's obviously a magic unicorn from the world of candies that died and reincarnated into a red rat, like duh 🙄🙄🙄

    Celeste Mazzoleni DinerCeleste Mazzoleni Diner19 годин таму
    • 1 minute ago and it already has a heart? The video was uploaded 3 days ago O.o

      Celeste Mazzoleni DinerCeleste Mazzoleni Diner19 годин таму
  • brooo i like pizza

    ZulionerZulioner19 годин таму
  • yooo Yooooo YOOOOOOOOO

    The DrippestThe Drippest20 годин таму
  • That's not a real mob bruh

    Ruth SosaRuth Sosa20 годин таму
  • whippity wine that build is now mine

    G4merdude 75G4merdude 7520 годин таму
  • awwww

    21 годину таму
  • Very cute

    Mr. CheeseMr. Cheese21 годину таму
  • Ohh its a alligator nice job

    Kasi CurryKasi Curry22 години таму
  • 600 iq

    luca sanninoluca sannino22 години таму
  • Stolen from average tuna sandwich

    TyphonTyphon22 години таму
  • Ou

    Fernanda RibeiroFernanda Ribeiro23 години таму
  • I remember when rock was young Me and Suzie had so much fun Holding hands and skimming stones Had an old gold Chevy, a place of my own But the biggest kick I ever got Was doing a thing called the Crocodile Rock While the other kids were rocking round the clock We were hopping and bopping to the Crocodile Rock

    Sebastian RiveraSebastian Rivera23 години таму
  • 😮

    Artur FatygaArtur FatygaДзень таму
  • New mob clickbaits in a nutshell:

    J. MarshallJ. MarshallДзень таму
  • Hopefully Mojang sees this

    Lio5rgwrLio5rgwrДзень таму
  • It's a aligator

    Jm RestullasJm RestullasДзень таму
  • Ok thats epic

    •berry_ bear••berry_ bear•Дзень таму
  • I readed the title wrong: new minecraft noob

    Random EeveERandom EeveEДзень таму
  • Wow

    ꧁꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧁꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔДзень таму
  • Liar

    Joe MckenzieJoe MckenzieДзень таму
  • Make mob 1 sec later turns rtx on

    wade whitewade whiteДзень таму
  • crocodile wow mojang should add this

    A.K.M Anwarul AlamA.K.M Anwarul AlamДзень таму
  • No yeni mobs

  • What no yeni mobs

  • Perfection 👌

    J RJ RДзень таму
  • Yup it’s a crocodile I did not steal a comment I just knew or it’s a alligator

    Alleas’s WorldAlleas’s WorldДзень таму
  • nice

    Decierdo 20G JoanDecierdo 20G JoanДзень таму
  • I want it too

    E EE EДзень таму
  • Cool Me: aaaaaahhh i love it

    Horiah AnisHoriah AnisДзень таму
  • Cute, man

    Starlight StairStarlight StairДзень таму
  • if people sees this in survival mode only they will be shocked

    Mahatma Wayne RomanoMahatma Wayne RomanoДзень таму
  • Bruh Steveee never tell name of the music, but i know name the music. If a had a chicken

    Marketa KounovaMarketa KounovaДзень таму

    Isa TchongamongaIsa TchongamongaДзень таму

  • Mojang: you can’t make new mobs without a mom Steeve: LIAR!

    Octo ‘Octo ‘Дзень таму
  • Epeec

    Ridah WassanRidah WassanДзень таму
  • hey that looks like a real crocodi- Stevee's Friend was mauled to death by crocodile

    CurbeeCurbeeДзень таму
  • Just created the mod lol

    Frezzx qtFrezzx qtДзень таму
  • Fun fact! I don’t have a fun fact for you

    Fire DogFire DogДзень таму
  • Why is it cute-

    Pauline McarthurPauline McarthurДзень таму
  • THATS A DIPILOTOCOLUS!(i had a stroke writing this)

    FLooFI _lonelyFLooFI _lonelyДзень таму
  • ohh that thing is cute

    JustR4ycu3JustR4ycu3Дзень таму
  • U

    Chew LengChew LengДзень таму
  • I'm so gonna build one of these around a sea or something.

    Asbjørn Bach AppelAsbjørn Bach AppelДзень таму
  • Pog

    infected kevinfected kevДзень таму
  • cute I'm going to build that in my survival world

    clark khen Rigosclark khen RigosДзень таму
  • Trending

    NightmaresAloneNightmaresAloneДзень таму
  • xd

    boczuś.boczuś.Дзень таму
  • Steveee thanks for adding this new mob

    Choco boysChoco boysДзень таму
  • good!!😀😀

    Dominic St-LaurentDominic St-LaurentДзень таму
  • Crocodile has died by not watetign rve SEWERS

    •MilkshakexGurl••MilkshakexGurl•Дзень таму
  • Floridians: Aw shit here we go again.

    Rose The Blood Taker -_-Rose The Blood Taker -_-Дзень таму
  • Beware: Crocy the cute crocodile!

    iLuvGachaiLuvGachaДзень таму
  • hmmm

    Dhemrie PascuaDhemrie PascuaДзень таму
  • Finally stevee did a non-cringe vid

    Schuyler Yancy ZengSchuyler Yancy ZengДзень таму
  • Ey florida's pride

    Radioactive BoiRadioactive BoiДзень таму
  • its a alligator

    Kylie BearKylie BearДзень таму
  • Cool mob ngl

    GoodGuyRithyutGoodGuyRithyutДзень таму
  • buaya darat

  • I think i have seen this somewhere

    Aidan Ahmad HarahapAidan Ahmad HarahapДзень таму
  • nice replica bro

    Ink DemonInk DemonДзень таму
  • Scp 682 has breachd contaiment

    vukovi vozovivukovi vozoviДзень таму
  • Beutiful xddddddddd lolololololol

    Gheorghe NegrutaGheorghe NegrutaДзень таму
  • Mojang will try to remove it after you leak new mob

    ًًДзень таму
  • It’s cute

    Yanjuan YuYanjuan YuДзень таму
  • Thats acctualy cute lmao

    Tulip cuteTulip cuteДзень таму
  • australia

    Anh Kiet PAnh Kiet PДзень таму

    Just a GuyJust a GuyДзень таму