amazing video and work machine 321

11 Крс 2021
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  • The sound is sooo

    맞나.맞나.3 години таму
  • Its so satisfiying

    Michael Shen Dionel PoserioMichael Shen Dionel Poserio4 години таму
  • 一不小心手就沒了🤣

    CetaceaCetacea5 годин таму
  • Sketchy.

    Kyle HookerKyle Hooker5 годин таму
  • 아이씨 보는 동안 심장이 쫄깃쫄깃

    정대호정대호6 годин таму
  • 腕がウィーンされそうで怖い

    楽楽楽楽6 годин таму
  • 100% interesting but dangerous

    Omar AbdulrahmanOmar Abdulrahman6 годин таму
  • 若さに任せて紫色に塗ってしまったんですね分かります。

    秋刀魚秋刀魚6 годин таму
  • Why you still put your hand inside?

    Narendra DutaNarendra Duta7 годин таму
  • Satisfying waste of paper come a year from now

    Andon BurnsAndon Burns7 годин таму
  • これで単語王のフラッシュカードぶった切りたい

    茶烏龍茶烏龍7 годин таму
  • テスト前の課題もこんな感じに切れたらな

    南の島のあいいちゅ南の島のあいいちゅ7 годин таму
  • A "little" waste of paper

    Andrea BramieriAndrea Bramieri7 годин таму
  • looks dangerous

    부동산보물창고부동산보물창고8 годин таму
  • I miss this sound...

    493 493493 4938 годин таму
  • 最初から規格揃った紙でやれば良いのに

    ヴァレ男ヴァレ男8 годин таму
  • Adamın kolu ordayken inse ne acır

    Yusuf onur AyıkdağYusuf onur Ayıkdağ10 годин таму
  • There should sensor that didn't cut hand😁

    B4 BjaoB4 Bjao10 годин таму
  • 쥰내 위험하네

    이해랑이해랑10 годин таму
  • Satisfying

    Angelz HvHAngelz HvH11 годин таму
  • My dad's office also have this machine

  • Imagine your hand under there

    Ahmed SoudyAhmed Soudy11 годин таму
  • Safety at work 101

    Pantie sniffer ☑️Pantie sniffer ☑️11 годин таму
  • This is dangerous and reckless method of work.

    Marcin W.Marcin W.12 годин таму
  • I wonder What will happen if he Put His/Her hand there whilst the Machine is Cutting 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️

    VICE LES8VICE LES816 годин таму
  • What a waste of paper for face diapers.

    UbiquitousUbiquitous16 годин таму
  • Ga kebayang tangan ke pres ama tu mesin anying

  • Dangerous

    KONNA NAGAKONNA NAGA19 годин таму
  • Orange strip is plastic.....for the blade to bottom out on

    David SealDavid Seal20 годин таму
  • 両手でスイッチ押すようになってるのかなぁ?

    水口貴大水口貴大20 годин таму
  • Каеф

    Aimurza TallapinAimurza Tallapin21 годину таму
  • Gua kira rel anjim

    izue ryuizue ryu21 годину таму
  • Наконец-то ютуб показывает что-то по моей специальности

    Rud FrouRud Frou22 години таму
  • Kakatakot ang blade

  • e girl be like : Im a paper

    Earl John MarcadejasEarl John Marcadejas22 години таму
  • Dont put your fu###g hand in there !!!!!!😰😰😰

    DungeonGMDungeonGM23 години таму
  • Alto miedo de que te agarre un dedo y te lo corté 🤸

    X x__ラチカソラ__x XX x__ラチカソラ__x X23 години таму
  • A cara da amputação

    wallace Alveswallace Alves23 години таму
  • Sheesh dont get that hand caught

  • Hell 2 the naw I would do that 💯💯😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🅿️🆙💯

    Ernesto KkrazyErnesto KkrazyДзень таму
  • Se ve peligrosisima esa máquina alv

    ShoujouShoujouДзень таму
  • That kind of machine almost always will lead to horror scenes/experiences/stories or whatever you call it, and will probably be on the record for one of the numerous workplace hazards

    FilCraftFilCraftДзень таму
  • comments: worried title: aRe We a jOkE tO u?

    ham hamham hamДзень таму
  • #satisfying

    Samuel KonuSamuel KonuДзень таму
  • And on another episode of 1000 ways to die...

    Mthokozisi DubeMthokozisi DubeДзень таму
  • Lol I do this every day for work lol

    Jason LeBlancJason LeBlancДзень таму
  • 慣れないうちは紙で指切りそう…😣

    ももももДзень таму
  • Very dangerous

    Ajims SaliAjims SaliДзень таму
  • I've used one of these machines before and assuming this one is about the same to activate the blade you have to pull two levers at the same time, so unless you're really asking for it, it's almost impossible you'll get yourself cut.

    Kyle KynastonKyle KynastonДзень таму
  • I kinda wanna put my arm in there...

    Xcenyah The FoxXcenyah The FoxДзень таму
  • "mUh AnXiEtY" toughen the fuck up, there's a safety lockout.

    CsykCsykДзень таму
  • 気もティーーーン

    ガッツタンタンガッツタンタンДзень таму
  • I think he should wear gloves or something. What happen if the machine error and it suddenly chop?

    PhirunPhirunДзень таму
  • What's the title of the song?

    IQBAL 95IQBAL 95Дзень таму
  • Xavi machine

    Abi RomadoniAbi RomadoniДзень таму
  • これに腕入れたら簡単に切れそう

    channelにちchannelにちДзень таму
  • This is so safe, I sometimes forget it has sensors EVERYWHERE in front of the knife and just lean there when someone tries to trim, only for them to shoo me away cause the machine won't cut. All these little circles in the front are censors

    Kali-MavKali-MavДзень таму
  • No way i put my hands under this machine

    Mobbing JesusMobbing JesusДзень таму
  • 손을 저 안에 집어넣네... 기계 오작동이라 오퍼레이터가 실수하면 손 바로 날아가는데

    ᄌᄌᄆᄌᄌᄆДзень таму
  • 手気をつけてよ

    全力で、きょとん全力で、きょとんДзень таму
  • So, is that like the moma version of what my teacher used to cut paper with in class?

    DemTurkeysDemTurkeysДзень таму
  • 편안

    또잉또잉Дзень таму
  • キューン(迫真)

    kaRιM!a / Hikari【来港新町公式Youtubeチャンネル】kaRιM!a / Hikari【来港新町公式Youtubeチャンネル】Дзень таму
  • Why not buy a printer than prints smaller cards? Instead of this huge machine that just cuts the edge off🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

    luke colebourneluke colebourneДзень таму
  • Ask yourself why they are showing covid related propaganda flyers being cut when those cutters are use on all kins of publications? Is it just to make you more anxious both ways?

    M AhmadiM AhmadiДзень таму
  • Lo más satisfactorio es el sonido del a maquina...y no metas el dedo ahí o cagaste xd

    Canal RandomCanal RandomДзень таму
  • I would NOT be able to do this

    Daninja.3301 _Daninja.3301 _Дзень таму
  • What happens if his hand.. Get.. Chee 🗡

  • This is so dangerous job

    sad editionsad editionДзень таму
  • Это типаграфия👍😋

    《_N͓̽I͓̽G͓̽I͓̽N͓̽A͓̽_》《_N͓̽I͓̽G͓̽I͓̽N͓̽A͓̽_》Дзень таму
  • Amazing robot untill its an amazing loss

    BoongisBoongisДзень таму
  • Se aperta antes a mão dele vai embora rapido

    &TECK&TECKДзень таму
  • imagine the controller has tourettes,he prolly have regrettes🤣🤞

    randy marshrandy marshДзень таму
  • Bhai isme risk hai mashin to hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai

    Ravishakar JaiswalRavishakar JaiswalДзень таму
  • seems safe

    PexiiiPexiiiДзень таму
  • この切れる音が好き

    久保田剛史久保田剛史Дзень таму
  • 音が可愛い!

    トマトケチャップトマトケチャップДзень таму
  • ちょっとでもズレたら死活問題なの草

    かけるかけるДзень таму
  • Kena tangan putus terus😅😅

    RaizeL OFFICIALRaizeL OFFICIALДзень таму
  • Not smart

    Mark MeMark MeДзень таму
  • Meu maior medo e essa máquina descer antes na hora que minha mão tiver lá dentro SLK

    BRAIANBRAIANДзень таму
  • 손조심하슈~

    무림맹추무림맹추Дзень таму
  • Pas program error , hand dead

    Gpc AgilGpc AgilДзень таму
  • This job requieres alot of patience _(and sacrifices)_ to perfect

    natalia sancheznatalia sanchezДзень таму
  • You can't cut your hands on that machine, because you have to press 2 buttons with your both hands to cut.

    Alex CAlex CДзень таму
  • キュゥゥ

    JOKERJOKERДзень таму
  • Опасная работа

    Aleks DorrAleks DorrДзень таму
  • Если включить когда рука находится там...

    Просто КаналПросто КаналДзень таму
  • Extremely anxiety seeing the hand below blades

    Long lasting AnythingLong lasting AnythingДзень таму
  • トントン トトントン チューン のチューンって音が心地いいですねー♪

    銀狼のるーちゃん銀狼のるーちゃんДзень таму
  • hell scary 😱😱😱

    KeN TVKeN TVДзень таму
  • Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo: Recuerdo que Auronplay hacia eso 🤠

    Francisco ValladolidFrancisco ValladolidДзень таму
  • Its too dangerous

    R OR OДзень таму
  • Work Machine 321?

    Vijion 2020Vijion 2020Дзень таму
  • What happens if you put your weiner in there?

    Patrick McGrawPatrick McGrawДзень таму
  • 👍❤️😭☺️🤗😃😍🙂🤣😂😆😄😀😁😎😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😭😗😙😚😘😍🤗🙃🙂☺️😊😏😌😉😶😐😑😋😔😛😝😜🤔🙄😒😤😠😡☹️🙁😕😟😳😬🤐😰😨😧😦😮😯😱😱😢😥😓

    Joko WinarnoJoko WinarnoДзень таму
  • 자동인가ㅡ 위험새뵌다 조심하라.ㅡ.

    WstRWstRДзень таму
  • 親戚の叔母が事故で2、3本切断して指がなかった。優しい人だった ある日タバコが吸いたかったらしく、そこにいた私に手伝ってと言ってきた。挟んであげたかなんかもう忘れたけど煙りくゆらせて不良ぽくカッコ良かった。

    やなやなДзень таму
  • My last job was a dentist for alligators 😃

    hindsight is 2020hindsight is 2020Дзень таму
  • 断裁機(´ω`)

    鯖と鰆ゆのわ鯖と鰆ゆのわДзень таму