The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen

27 Крс 2021
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The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen
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  • Nice job, mate!

    ManmaasManmaas5 годин таму
  • Lindo, parabéns

  • Why on earth do you wear a mask ??? You are alone ! Please : don't do that ! No one wants to wear a mask anymore ! Don't show this bad example ! Thank you for the good job, however.

    Horizon 77Horizon 776 годин таму
  • Tad bit 🤏 slanted but nice job...

    Loyal LineLoyal Line6 годин таму
  • Not quite sure where recycling comes into it as all that wood looked pretty untouched to me! I can't even begin to imagine how much that amazing lathe costs but if I could afford one (and a workshop big enough to house it!)I would probably have a lot of fun making things like this! Thank you for a great project share x

    Cathie PalmerCathie Palmer6 годин таму
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    LeonyLeony7 годин таму
  • My father likes us to do office job and always says these wood work and iron work are the work of poor People but i like these work too much i don't want to sit and just press keyboard i want this creative work wood work iron work growing goat and chicken's

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  • Yeah,aim the nail gun at yourself😂

    Zoltan HriagyelZoltan Hriagyel8 годин таму
  • Tt

    Ibrahim MohamadIbrahim Mohamad9 годин таму
  • I just clicked on it wasn't planning to watch for all 18 min. But it was too satisfying.

    Neeraj BhandariNeeraj Bhandari10 годин таму
  • Excelente , que buen trabajo y cuanto que sabe como manejar la madera

    Nicolas GiantNicolas Giant10 годин таму
  • very nice! great use of reclaimed wood

    lvwrxlvwrx11 годин таму
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    Humbled HermitHumbled Hermit13 годин таму
  • So he built a symmetrical table top(cery nice top), and then put 3 legs under it centered at the bottom of the table but doesn't find a solution for the unsupported side. Hope nobody leans on it. I'm a professional builder and I wood not build this for a customer without a 4th leg or another piece of tree that has 3 branches more evenly spaced. Nice work but from an engineer it needs adjusting.

    Lex SnowLex Snow13 годин таму
  • Cool..Gifted Hand..

    Jam VillarescoJam Villaresco13 годин таму
  • A table *I'm* sure... ?

    Zeah LessleyZeah Lessley14 годин таму
  • 13:41 _Satisfying._ Very ASMR.

    maggPi PrimemaggPi Prime14 годин таму
  • This is FAKE!! I had tried all hack tools from BYworld and only Feebhax worked for me. Search for it on one of the search engines like google...

    Faiz FowsiFaiz Fowsi14 годин таму
  • parabens

    Jose Fernando De SouzaJose Fernando De Souza15 годин таму
  • Mine would've come out just as good except for the pile of mistakes i made pushed off to the side.

    Kimberly StrattonKimberly Stratton15 годин таму
  • So beautiful

    Neejtshiab ChannelNeejtshiab Channel15 годин таму
  • Is he wearing the mask because of the pollution in the shop or is he truly afraid of covid just asking.

    G. ELLISG. ELLIS15 годин таму
  • Bravo!

    Suleyman NaghizadaSuleyman Naghizada16 годин таму
  • Beautyful work

    Alberto Garcia ArangoAlberto Garcia Arango16 годин таму
  • Imagine how many splinters this guy got

    Hi It's EmmaHi It's Emma17 годин таму
  • 16:40 haha

    Ak6er PlayAk6er Play17 годин таму
  • Very good woodwork

  • 17 10

    Ak6er PlayAk6er Play17 годин таму
  • Haha 17

    Ak6er PlayAk6er Play17 годин таму
  • I'm glad he found his 🔨

    Larry McmahonLarry Mcmahon17 годин таму
  • 8

    Nuh QarriNuh Qarri17 годин таму
  • Deja un escalón de un cm encima del soporte y mide con el nivel a ver si está recto...

    Guillermo PuertasGuillermo Puertas18 годин таму
  • Too Much Work and a lot of Rubisch for Making a Table.. Hhhh

  • That boys good !

    Chris JChris J18 годин таму

    Chris JChris J18 годин таму
  • I need some new tools, I could never plane that flat. What was used to glue all the bits together that made the table top?

    radish pearadish pea19 годин таму
  • Круто!

    ТарасТарас20 годин таму
  • Nice job! I thought you'd use more than just 4 screws to hold the top on.

    Only HumanOnly Human20 годин таму
  • 5:38 The cute dog caught the annoying fly

    Abel FrancoAbel Franco21 годину таму
  • Nice job. I personally would have left it octagonal but it still looks great. 👍👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Wee JimWee Jim21 годину таму
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    אמילי לויןאמילי לוין21 годину таму
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    George Hirsch - IbanezGeorge Hirsch - Ibanez22 години таму
  • Meh.

    cadillaccaspercadillaccasper22 години таму
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  • Хорошая работа, я тебя слепила из того что было.

    Александр СеменовАлександр Семенов23 години таму
  • How is this wood recycling??

    JustinoJustinoДзень таму
  • Gluing small pieces of wood together to make a larger piece of wood, Yawn, seen it a billion times thats how almost everything is made. I never thought to put a sanding disc on a grinder before though, actually showed me something I haven't seen before, cheers

    907 250r907 250rДзень таму
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    Хамзя УрмеевХамзя УрмеевДзень таму
  • I'm so glad this video has 14 million views

    Abdallah AMDAbdallah AMDДзень таму
  • Классный стол

    AlesAlesДзень таму
  • Thought it was gonna be a end table

    Paul KilloughPaul KilloughДзень таму
  • Muito inteligente e tem amor aos animais nota 10

    Odarp SantanaOdarp SantanaДзень таму
  • Your poor dogs are riddled with fleas

    Sir StrobieSir StrobieДзень таму
  • This is just too cool dude

    Paul KilloughPaul KilloughДзень таму
  • 👍👍

    Denis ColauttiDenis ColauttiДзень таму
  • 6:36 아니 저 톱밥 날리는데 강아지가 있어?? 말이 되나?

    berniceberniceДзень таму
  • .....I'm wondering why spread epoxy resin over wood........THEN PLANE IT OFF!!....??.....great end result though...👍🏻

    Frank ByrneFrank ByrneДзень таму
  • Heheeee. I like itt

    Pustaka MirjaPustaka MirjaДзень таму

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    Jozef PolomkaJozef PolomkaДзень таму
  • playback speed at x2 anyone??

    Yageishwara ParamasivanYageishwara ParamasivanДзень таму
  • على سقف بيتك

    Qota Mlfaii7Qota Mlfaii7Дзень таму
  • I have so much respect for this! What a craftsmanship! Also a table like this in Europe with this kind of quality easily fetches 1000 to 1500,- true piece of art. Btw a little off topic but who ever is responsible for that piece of guitar music in the beginning is a very sensitive and tasteful guitar player.

    John Van BuurenJohn Van BuurenДзень таму
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  • I reAlly like the upper sude. Dont like the down side

    Luis MorenoLuis MorenoДзень таму
  • The dogs without ear protecting, while he planes and grinds with machines? No go!

    Ralf WangemannRalf WangemannДзень таму
  • My adventure with the woodworking began with projects from Wood Glut.

    Frank StoutstensFrank StoutstensДзень таму
  • Cool. Just avoid the dogs being around .. they are not masked !!

    vxbzvxbzДзень таму
  • Emeğine sağlık güzel olmuş 👍

    Adil ÇevikAdil ÇevikДзень таму
  • Cool idea! But for anybody who’s into wood working would say it’s horrible craftsmanship! Funny to read comments talking about him as a artist, definitely haven’t a clue as too what’s going on! Anyways he has a table out of it so great for him. For whatever reason I enjoyed watching him hack it together!

    Austin ClarkeAustin ClarkeДзень таму
  • Perfect 👍

    Murat MüştekinMurat MüştekinДзень таму
  • あ~素材を生かせってこゆことね。 最高。

    OumuqmuqOumuqmuqДзень таму
  • 👍 "Bravo" saudaraku... salam subscribe, sukses selalu dari petani lereng semeru kab malang.jatim indonesia

  • What a booring video

    Gunnar HorpestadGunnar HorpestadДзень таму
  • Bravo 👏

    SSДзень таму
  • Nice

    Legend YtLegend YtДзень таму
  • Debería usar un poco de ese ingenio para cuidarse y usar medidas de protección personal (mascarillas, guantes, gafas, audífonos, etc) y alejar las mascotas del área de trabajo, por el bien de ellas y evitar riesgos en la operación. Este video es un ejemplo de lo que se puede hacer con ingenio pero no de cómo se debe hacer.

    jhovo2008jhovo2008Дзень таму
  • @1:58 cockadoodledooin' thanks BYworld algorithm

    The BeachThe BeachДзень таму
  • Awesome job

    dutchy040dutchy040Дзень таму

    J YJ YДзень таму
  • Noice

    jason grjason grДзень таму
  • does no one use hand tools any more?

    Edward NorthEdward NorthДзень таму
  • Parabéns prá você pirou

    Maria LinaMaria LinaДзень таму
  • Excuse me while I go find a tree to dismember

    Ethan ManningEthan ManningДзень таму
  • Good idea, tidy work, not enough resin and glue used.

    LastnameFirstLastnameFirstДзень таму
  • That is Freaking Awesome love Log Furniture ❤

    M PachecoM PachecoДзень таму
  • Most importantly: have several shop dogs

    D KD KДзень таму
  • Wow...what a great table! New sub here🙂

    Tim 57Tim 57Дзень таму

    Jorge WatanabeJorge WatanabeДзень таму
    • Yeah're right....was a bit rough....

      Frank ByrneFrank ByrneДзень таму
  • Great example of using what you have and create art... I could do this but it WOOD take me half dozen tries. 😆

    Koolops CSMKoolops CSMДзень таму