27 Сак 2021
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  • So that's what people with big houses do . can't relate I am Asian

    MEME DOGMEME DOG40 секунд таму
  • Super idea

    Vigneshwher WherVigneshwher Wher5 хвілін таму

    Never GiveupNever Giveup13 хвілін таму
  • Você me chamou de pobre em 58 linguas diferentes ;-;

    BRUNIN FFBRUNIN FF32 хвіліны таму
  • Keep scrolling, there’s no smart comment to see here.

    Zafir NaseemZafir Naseem35 хвілін таму
  • He do be flexing his house tho

    Jacob BinghamJacob Bingham40 хвілін таму
  • I'm pretty sure they had fun doing this

    chella subikshanchella subikshan42 хвіліны таму
  • So that's why there's a cord in my house and the whole neighborhood going toward that one particular house

    SleepySpidySleepySpidy58 хвілін таму
  • Fun fact: He is just flexing that he has a good house

    Akarsh ChoudharyAkarsh Choudhary59 хвілін таму
  • setting that up must have been longer than having to stir that pasta

    o Gigi oo Gigi oГодину таму
  • cool house tour

    B CB CГодину таму
  • What’s the song name

    Roaches OnlyRoaches OnlyГодину таму
  • What a way to silently show off your house

    Death50009Death50009Годину таму
  • LOL

    Crypto loversCrypto loversГодину таму
  • Gi lal

    코타나코타나Годину таму
  • 😂😂😂🤌🤌

    『BlueBoI』『BlueBoI』Годину таму
  • Yeah f*ck modern medicine and eco-friendly transportation!

    Southern Kansas RailfanSouthern Kansas RailfanГодину таму
  • Tout sa pour montrer leur maison ;-;

    __MWA____MWA__Годину таму
  • 😑😂😂😂😂😂

    MobinaMobinaГодину таму
  • Solo quieren mostrar su gran casa 🙄🙄🙄

    Soulyn San martinSoulyn San martinГодину таму
  • Haha Hahahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣

    Cori SivilsCori Sivils2 години таму
  • I have a feeling they only did this to show off the mansion they live in.

    Tavian WilsonTavian Wilson2 години таму
  • I saw ben do it first

    Victor LinaresVictor Linares2 години таму
  • This is me every day

    dabidabi2 години таму
  • Non stop thinking of fresh from the sound

    4LYRICS4LYRICS2 години таму
  • Intro of mk tracks be like

    ElMoi_47 Juegos y tutorialesElMoi_47 Juegos y tutoriales2 години таму
  • Fodase

    Ivanildo MoreiraIvanildo Moreira2 години таму
  • He’s so chill about it

    DokiyboddyDokiyboddy2 години таму
  • the string is just gonna wind up and pull the spoon out of the water 🙄

    obamaobama2 години таму
  • 😂😂😂😁😁😄😄👨‍💻

    Gissell Altagracia Natera SosaGissell Altagracia Natera Sosa3 години таму
  • Of course, the thing we’re all forgetting in our houses: The pole dancing pole.

    UnEpicToxzicccUnEpicToxziccc3 години таму
  • This is by far the weirdest way I've seen someone flex their mansion

    Maxicinea HillMaxicinea Hill3 години таму

    Ramdom WhatsAppRamdom WhatsApp3 години таму
  • This is coco

    Mauricio NevesMauricio Neves3 години таму
  • NOIS AQUI EM 2020 ELA LÁ EM 3050

    Rafaela BaltasarRafaela Baltasar3 години таму
  • ha ha ha

  • Raça absoluta além da consciência esse é o poder que beira a onipotência capaz de superar uma forma suprema

    DARK FFDARK FF3 години таму
  • Did some one else realized that we was using and not using the four burners at the same time?

    Alberto Forbes AlasAlberto Forbes Alas3 години таму
  • it’s okay.

    Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln3 години таму
  • 5 Minute Crafts be like:

    Milo.Milo.3 години таму

    Muffinhead203Muffinhead2033 години таму
  • When I started this video I wasn't convinced. When I watched the end I was convinced

    ScotsmanDoBeMadMentalScotsmanDoBeMadMental4 години таму
  • Is he that lazy..😂

    Irfan JanIrfan Jan4 години таму
  • Dont be that lazy now cmon😑

    NinyehNinyeh4 години таму
  • You have the money to sustain yourself in that house but can’t get up tp stir food I am done

    DarkryujinDarkryujin4 години таму
  • gede bgt bung ruma nya

    anggia azahraanggia azahra4 години таму
  • house flex house flex

    BoomguyBoomguy4 години таму
  • I’m so that I wasted time on this

    CamtoolegitCamtoolegit4 години таму
  • ?

    Жулиен ЖелязковЖулиен Желязков4 години таму
  • Tyrollienne

    Ghhff CgtGhhff Cgt4 години таму
  • Don't think I didn't see the stripper pole

    Nico GiffordNico Gifford4 години таму
  • Tf is wrong with you, why put al the gas stoves on instead of just one?? 🤔🤔🤨

    Jamin LibertJamin Libert4 години таму
  • OK buddy stop flexing

    quackity simpquackity simp4 години таму
  • Why not just buy an induction damn brainless dum dum

    Seren •Seren •4 години таму
  • It's the I Hate Everything music. Nice

    kokorolexkokorolex5 годин таму
  • This video showing the contemporary interior design of the house

    Gary Lim TejamGary Lim Tejam5 годин таму
  • Is that a pole dancing pole?

    Randomest BricksRandomest Bricks5 годин таму
  • damn- *he did all that just to stir some noodles*

    AestheticaIIyDaisyAestheticaIIyDaisy5 годин таму
  • I need to do this so I can watch my tv

    Anita HernandezAnita Hernandez5 годин таму
  • ถ้ามึงขีเกียจใมต้องกิน

    FSLZ channelFSLZ channel5 годин таму
  • WoW he toked us to a round in this house i like it

    Ran MoriRan Mori5 годин таму
  • Gracias pero no quería ver tu casa por dentro

    Madrid31_ffMadrid31_ff5 годин таму
  • Stiwg

    IclownIclown5 годин таму
  • Literally for what-

    atmosphereatmosphere5 годин таму
  • They basically showing off they house lol

    Rachel HendersonRachel Henderson5 годин таму
  • Nice way to flex the house

    Cirilo02Cirilo025 годин таму
  • Or a house tour

    ssspike1ssspike15 годин таму
  • Não sabia que existia chinês baiano

    Paulo RodriguesPaulo Rodrigues5 годин таму
  • It’s useless just do it

    A weird channelA weird channel6 годин таму
  • 집소개 인가 ㅋ

    울라울라박제울라울라박제6 годин таму
  • Todo es para presumor que tu casa es absurdamente grande lose

    Jose Eduardo ReyesJose Eduardo Reyes6 годин таму
  • اي لاااا

    ابو الوفاابو الوفا6 годин таму
  • Man, can't tell if that's a house, or a mansion. I wish I would know the difference.

    The BuilderThe Builder6 годин таму
  • Siz kafayı sıyırmışsınız

  • Pra q isso? Nossa pra que tanto trabalho com um fio?, Pelo menos nois Brasileiros temos Gambiarras que são mais inteligentes & mais fáceis de se fazer, Outros países chora com A criatividade dos Brs

    Alexandre Reiz SilvaAlexandre Reiz Silva6 годин таму
  • Was. This just made to show how good of a house you have

    Dawson_ismsDawson_isms6 годин таму
  • Its the worse invention ever. It isnt even an invention

    Eric RiveraEric Rivera6 годин таму
  • Hmmmm that house looks Familiar Only the older kids will understand this world Infinite

    NativeG1rl LNativeG1rl L7 годин таму
  • Nah is just that this dude is lazy.... I Mean It is Cool But still

    TazMonsterYTツTazMonsterYTツ7 годин таму
  • How lazy

    DJ KrusentaDJ Krusenta7 годин таму

    Brian MurrayBrian Murray7 годин таму
  • Lame

    TERRIBLE - visionTERRIBLE - vision7 годин таму
  • Sent this genius guy to mars, he will terraform it in a sec.

    langit sembilanlangit sembilan7 годин таму
  • I buy 50

    megumin _megumin _7 годин таму
  • Wow I'm so not impressed 😐

    AkioAkio7 годин таму
  • Yo uwu ya quisiera hacer eso pero apagar la estufa no

    Lila SofiaLila Sofia7 годин таму
  • People gotta know these vids are just to flaunt a person's house...

    Jonathan CarrollJonathan Carroll8 годин таму

    Casey Kirsten FoxCasey Kirsten Fox8 годин таму
  • Not really an invention its more like a trick

    Ethan Rentz-NeelyEthan Rentz-Neely8 годин таму
  • The greatest show off ever. Amazing how many dumb things these young fools come out with in order to show their bodied, women and homes off. Have some shame.

    Scott CorkhillScott Corkhill8 годин таму
  • The camera man: 🚵🧗🤺🏇⛷️🏂🏄🚣🏊⛹️🚴🤽🤼🧎💁📸

    *Safir&Star**Safir&Star*8 годин таму
  • You're so boring bro

    Daniel SmithDaniel Smith8 годин таму
  • Why

    CrescentCrescent8 годин таму
  • Jesus Is Coming Back

    Kaio ViniciusKaio Vinicius8 годин таму
  • This is a house flex

    Kairn God of BelligerenceKairn God of Belligerence8 годин таму
  • Am I the only one who saw the strip pole or a pole-👁💧👄💧👁

    ku poeku poe8 годин таму
  • Id rather just be rich like these guys

    iAm NeuroticiAm Neurotic8 годин таму
  • Dys ys kul

    Angelika KiczynskaAngelika Kiczynska8 годин таму
  • Well that’s one way to show off your house

    CluezCluez9 годин таму
  • Way to show off ur mansion bro ;-;

    Nnene EnweremNnene Enwerem9 годин таму