NAVI vs NIP and Group Final: OG vs NAVI | BLAST Premier Fall Series Group 1 Day 3

28 Кст 2020
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00:00:00 Countdown
00:20:54 Show Start
00:56:50 NAVI vs NIP - Overpass
02:23:00 NAVI vs NIP - Nuke
03:31:09 NAVI vs NIP - Mirage
05:14:00 OG vs NAVI - Dust2
06:29:42 OG vs NAVI - Mirage
07:41:36 OG vs NAVi - Nuke
Group 1: NAVI, NIP, EG and OG
Group 2: Complexity, Team Vitality, BIG and Faze
Group 3: Astralis, FURIA, MIBR and G2
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  • I hate when my favorite teams face each other

    kyusha久社kyusha久社6 дзён таму
  • 8:49:11 awp hit nothing yet the game connected it. csgo is broken :p

    ok brook bro23 дні таму
  • @SuperstituM 1:03:55

    KVBKVB24 дні таму
  • Ребят, залетайте на канал, читайте описание, заранее благодарю!

    patrick hammondpatrick hammondМесяц таму

    NoksNoksМесяц таму
  • Рожденные ждать

    Заместитель СатаныЗаместитель СатаныМесяц таму
  • Трейлер 2020 грань времени Просьба огромная подписаться

    SKiPPO SKiPPOvichSKiPPO SKiPPOvichМесяц таму
  • tell me please where you can show team speak online?

    Creative timeCreative timeМесяц таму
  • Эй ты, ДА да именно ты, человек листающий комменты! Хорошего тебе здоровья, братюнь))

    SESHIKSESHIKМесяц таму
  • navi lost :( ;-;

    Karann BhardwajKarann BhardwajМесяц таму
    • @WE HAWT ah don't worry man you'll get you're own money and things soon enough good luck

      Faze_FuZeFaze_FuZeМесяц таму
    • @Faze_FuZe no im broke and 15 lol

      WE HAWTWE HAWTМесяц таму
    • They qualified already so they might not have cared that much.

      763763Месяц таму
    • @WE HAWT lol did you bet on those games?

      Faze_FuZeFaze_FuZeМесяц таму
    • I even predicted the og vs navi 2-1 and eg vs nip, nip win am master

      WE HAWTWE HAWTМесяц таму
  • Трейлер 2020 грань времени Просьба огромная подписаться и поставить колокольчик)))

    Artem SkripnikovArtem SkripnikovМесяц таму
  • Ребят, залетайте на канал, читайте описание, заранее благодарю!

    100к подписчиков без видео100к подписчиков без видеоМесяц таму
  • 5:45:09 @valde I'm a dark kinda guy 🌚🌚🌚

    DL XNDL XNМесяц таму
  • Bruh pimp is so honest and frank xD sometimes brutal

    ReadQuranReadQuranМесяц таму
    • @ReadQuran who?

      Aleksandar TomasevicAleksandar TomasevicМесяц таму
    • @Aleksandar Tomasevic bro straight meaning he says things how they are, just look it up in a dictionary...

      ReadQuranReadQuranМесяц таму
    • @ReadQuran what does his sexuality have to do with anything?

      Aleksandar TomasevicAleksandar TomasevicМесяц таму
    • @Aleksandar Tomasevic frank means straight, i didnt mean the name xD

      ReadQuranReadQuranМесяц таму
    • hes jacob not frank

      Aleksandar TomasevicAleksandar TomasevicМесяц таму
  • first game start at 57:00

    Haider Al-GhassaniHaider Al-GhassaniМесяц таму
    • 😍👍

      Gnana Prakash MGnana Prakash MМесяц таму
  • Whoever did this. Is an idiot

    M4GG1 21M4GG1 21Месяц таму
  • im not a NaVi fan by any stretch but whomever came up with timetables where 1 of the teams has to play 2 games in 1 day needs some sense knocked into them. NaVi played exceptionally well considering their circumstances tbf

    c4l v1nc4l v1nМесяц таму
    • @763you are just butthurt Russian. I did not say anything bad for Navi. Not my fault that Danes are better at caring about their players than Russians.

      Valhalla CHAVValhalla CHAVМесяц таму
    • @Valhalla CHAV what? The astralis players were crying in the pre match interview 😂 and mental resilience? They had 2 players quit for 6 months because they got "tired of Cs" please don't use that word...

      763763Месяц таму
    • @lechon? They would've had another 30 minutes lol... They can't delay it by 3,4 hours... They have a maximum of a 90 minute turnaround.

      763763Месяц таму
    • remember astralis after beating mouseports i think. then after an hour beating heroic? (esl pro league if i remember correctly)

      The Owl AudioThe Owl AudioМесяц таму
    • @c4l v1n Astralis played Mousesports and Heroic on the same day and nobody is complaining. And you are crying about Navi. Mental resilience is what champions are made of

      Valhalla CHAVValhalla CHAVМесяц таму