NHL Game Highlights | Capitals vs. Penguins - Apr. 29, 2021

29 Крс 2021
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Jake Guentzel scored in overtime as the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Washington Capitals and booked at spot in the NHL playoffs.

  • пингвины лучше играли молодцы какая то легкость в их действиях

    Валерий ВолковВалерий Волков4 дні таму
  • WHY DID THE PENS HAVE CROSBY'S LINE OUT AT THE END OF THE GAME? They have been atrocious on defense this season...

    hossahunter22hossahunter225 дзён таму
  • е5 путинскую овечку!!!

    Chikalov AndrewChikalov Andrew5 дзён таму
  • Bring varli to Washington. Our goalies r not reliable…

    Sheila WalkerSheila Walker5 дзён таму
  • ⚒️🌋🏆

    Олег МихайловОлег Михайлов5 дзён таму
  • Ванечка ещё та дыра, Самсон получше будет.

    Бизон ЯБизон Я5 дзён таму
  • guenztel is so underrated outside of pittsburgh.

    moonlightmoonlight5 дзён таму
  • Такое впечатление, что защитники Вашингтона не знают слова " пятак". Ну и Ванечек - дыра!

    Dzhafdet MahorDzhafdet Mahor5 дзён таму
  • Boooooooo I wanted to see ovi play them

    Pat JohnPat John5 дзён таму
  • Бывает!

    Алексей КалиничАлексей Калинич5 дзён таму
  • Ванечек дырявый капец!

    Чертог МедведяЧертог Медведя5 дзён таму
  • It's only fitting that these 2 teams clinch in the same game

    Karmesh PatelKarmesh Patel5 дзён таму
    • @carter me no, that's not correct. caps needed to get more points than rangers did last night, so getting to OT clinched them. Pens needed to beat us in any fashion while rangers lost in regulation, that occured with the game winning goal.

      boe rhaeboe rhae5 дзён таму
    • Ironically they clinched in the seccond intermission when the isles beat the rangers

      carter mecarter me5 дзён таму
  • Tristans looking really good in the net. Playoffs will be the decision maker on whether he was the right choice

    King CrusaderKing Crusader5 дзён таму
  • хотелось большего.и на этом вашики спс

    СаняСаня5 дзён таму
  • 85th comment 15straight playoff seasons in a row hope pens stop cup drought. I'm waiting for them to win.

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du5 дзён таму
    • You guys won it in 2016 and 17 that’s not a drought

      Winslow_GamingWinslow_Gaming5 дзён таму
  • Ванечка как всегда, дыра дырой

    FenRIRFenRIR5 дзён таму
  • Watching these two teams along with vegas, carolina, and florida makes you realize that they are just simply on an another level to so many other teams in the NHL

    J KJ K5 дзён таму
    • We shall see...once the playoffs begin.

      Gogalen789Gogalen7895 дзён таму
    • Carolina Vegas final I’m hoping

      aidan_ asparroaidan_ asparro5 дзён таму
    • Vegas has been scary every year so far. I love the pens but I can see Vegas finally punching the ticket

      King CrusaderKing Crusader5 дзён таму
  • Надо не в овертайме а в основное 6-0 сделать

    Игорь ФедотовИгорь Федотов5 дзён таму
  • Жаль

    Fernando TorresFernando Torres5 дзён таму
  • Вилсон не только драться умеет !!!

    a.makarov makarova.makarov makarov5 дзён таму
  • Ванечек дырка

    Андрей ТрухачёвАндрей Трухачёв5 дзён таму
  • Вашики, как всегда, бездарно просрали

  • Красивая игра.

    Роман ЧурсинРоман Чурсин5 дзён таму
  • Что за день сегодня, НР,МУ,ВК проиграли, пи....ц. Флориду гляну, если Гусев снова тупит, то это будет финиш

    Yura AYura A5 дзён таму
  • 2-ой гол Пингвинов впечатляет. Технически мне кажется Вашингтон сильнее многих команд, но тактически очень слабая команда.

    Виталий БелоцерковскийВиталий Белоцерковский5 дзён таму
  • Даа...с вратарями что то поднапутанно у вшей...не👀 видать кубка

    Asa78 AlievAsa78 Aliev5 дзён таму
  • Pens are my least favorite team but this was actually a pretty good game

    NutrockNutrock5 дзён таму
  • Pen✊

    Ариан НазаровАриан Назаров5 дзён таму
  • У Вашингтона очень слабое звено это дырявый Ваначек,где его только взяли. В плэйоф с такой дыркой Вашингтону вообще делать нечего.

    Константин ФедоровКонстантин Федоров5 дзён таму
  • Орлов, заредел капитально. Молодец👍Вашингтон🏒🏆

    Алексей Еремеев ЛПХАлексей Еремеев ЛПХ5 дзён таму
  • malcolm subban is black

    Derps []Derps []5 дзён таму
  • Кэпс в ПО 🦅🤘

    Чарлик НХЛЧарлик НХЛ5 дзён таму
  • Kapanen and Malkin and such a good combo whenever he comes back haha

    Hunter ReillyHunter Reilly5 дзён таму
    • @lymperis fotopoulos “fat and heavy” wtf are u on

      ilikefoodbudilikefoodbud4 дні таму
    • Dont be so sure about Malkins performance...he is too fat and heavy this year and does not play very well

      lymperis fotopouloslymperis fotopoulos5 дзён таму
    • @Pez De Spencer true that! People buying in and I got to give most credit to Mike Sullivan. Especially seeing how the penguins were playing in the beginning of the season

      Hunter ReillyHunter Reilly5 дзён таму
    • That’s why I’m excited for the playoffs we’ve been without Malkin and Tanev for a month and still doing good

      Pez De SpencerPez De Spencer5 дзён таму
  • Овечкина явно не хватает, когда он уже выздоровеет

    Vladislav NepomnyashiyVladislav Nepomnyashiy5 дзён таму
  • Похоже, Ванечек с Самсоновым ещё на тотализаторе подрабатывают...

    Владимир ЩупакВладимир Щупак5 дзён таму
  • 펭귄 마지막에 그거 먼짓거리고?

    the process Trustthe process Trust5 дзён таму
  • а где Малкин ?

    Сергей ЗверевСергей Зверев5 дзён таму
    • Травма

      С.В.В.С.В.В.5 дзён таму
  • Любимые команды в НХЛ!

    Dmitry Dmitrievi4Dmitry Dmitrievi45 дзён таму
  • Малкин вообще играет?!

    Andy NAndy N5 дзён таму
    • @С.В.В. думаю Питсбург много не потеряет из-за его отсутствия, в этом сезоне играет не очень.

      Andy NAndy N5 дзён таму
    • @Andy N Где-то в марте , но насколько трудно сказать.

      С.В.В.С.В.В.5 дзён таму
    • @С.В.В. не в курсе надолго выбыл?

      Andy NAndy N5 дзён таму
    • Нет, травма

      С.В.В.С.В.В.5 дзён таму
  • Kapenen looking good!

    Psixen SPsixen S6 дзён таму
  • Мда, Ванечка чё-то сломался

    Виталий МалановВиталий Маланов6 дзён таму
  • Nice gwg by the Pens!

    Russell Jr.Russell Jr.6 дзён таму
  • Ванючек сегодня как-то не очень

    Dr. Checky ZeliosDr. Checky Zelios6 дзён таму
  • you're starting to see why Mantha got traded. Great goal scorer...but lazy work ethic....

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker6 дзён таму
    • I don’t really know what in his play today makes you say that. He almost won the game in OT and he was generating some great chances

      Matthew KressMatthew Kress5 дзён таму
  • Вашикам вратаря бы приобрести хорошего .

    Робот РоботРобот Робот6 дзён таму
  • Crazy to think that this was the first game in Ovechkin's career that he didn't dress against the Penguins. So durable.

    ZachZach6 дзён таму
  • Penguins. Won

    brett baconbrett bacon6 дзён таму
  • Good game by both teams. This is one tough division.

    George BlairGeorge Blair6 дзён таму
  • So many goals and losses for Washington because they can’t clear the zone , turnovers killing this team .

    Rocket 5Rocket 56 дзён таму
    • Yeah. Game after game after game. The coach must definitely do something about it. In soccer you get substituted immediately if it's your fault. Then you don't come back too soon.

      алексей klokovалексей klokov5 дзён таму
  • That Kapanen shot. Reminds me of Phil.

    illestFlavorillestFlavor6 дзён таму
    • @Stark Industries Yeah he has that Kessel type of shot but is fast as he’ll still which is awesome to watch

      Pez De SpencerPez De Spencer5 дзён таму
    • Yeah to me he looks like Phil Kessel and Artemi Panarin had a baby. He’s been awesome for us though. Hopefully even better when Geno returns

      Stark IndustriesStark Industries5 дзён таму
    • I’ve been thinking that too. Kasperi Kessel!

      Vince GalicicVince Galicic5 дзён таму
    • Braaaaaaaaa his impact gives me kessel vibes like u forget he on the team then bam puck is in the back of the net and its some krazzzzzzy angled shot he truly is a sniper

      Joshua GantJoshua Gant6 дзён таму
    • Ayep.

      George BlairGeorge Blair6 дзён таму
  • Холтби,твой брат задрал!

    Aleks PlohischAleks Plohisch6 дзён таму
  • Didn't watch this game but Crosby wasnt on the high lights that much tonight with 5 goals in game . Unusual .

    Benito !Benito !6 дзён таму
    • Sid's fingerprints are all over this team.

      Jah ManoogJah Manoog5 дзён таму
    • He took the night off cause ovi was mia.

      Giga KuchGiga Kuch5 дзён таму
    • had an off game. typical athlete things lol

      moonlightmoonlight5 дзён таму
    • Not quite himself.

      C.C.6 дзён таму
    • He had possibly the worst game of his entire career.

      Michael-Mircea MoldovanMichael-Mircea Moldovan6 дзён таму
  • Срочно менять вратаря((((

    Евгений ЛавровЕвгений Лавров6 дзён таму
  • Вратарь-дырка!

    BadSanta082BadSanta0826 дзён таму
  • Caps suck

    If you don't like the leafs you don't like hockeyIf you don't like the leafs you don't like hockey6 дзён таму
    • @If you don't like the leafs you don't like hockey does that automatically make them suck tho?

      CyclopsChickenCyclopsChicken5 дзён таму
    • @If you don't like the leafs you don't like hockey I never said the Leafs are bad I said the caps are better.

      Grass AttaccGrass Attacc5 дзён таму
    • @If you don't like the leafs you don't like hockey 9 year old making up 9 year old comebacks

      Grass AttaccGrass Attacc5 дзён таму
    • @CyclopsChicken it's not all about goal scoring, their defense isn't great

      If you don't like the leafs you don't like hockeyIf you don't like the leafs you don't like hockey5 дзён таму
    • @Grass Attacc no u. You don't get how good the leafs really are, just because they haven't won a cup in a while doesn't mean that they are bad

      If you don't like the leafs you don't like hockeyIf you don't like the leafs you don't like hockey5 дзён таму
  • Ok congratulations to Pittsburgh penguins and Washington Capitals for making the playoffs

    Elijah BertuolaElijah Bertuola6 дзён таму
  • Вашики себе шайб напривозили... Надо им шестую игру АВАНГАРД-ЦСКА показать как пособие по игре в защите...

    Роман ГридневРоман Гриднев6 дзён таму
    • щас бы гайд из колхоза смотреть с футбольным счетом

      HorizonShiversHorizonShivers5 дзён таму
  • Ok so time to order a Caps jersey with Chara 33 on the back and an alternate captain “A” on the front

    Jackson GraneyJackson Graney6 дзён таму
    • Yes

      Winslow_GamingWinslow_Gaming5 дзён таму
  • Islanders fan fuk both teams

    Eric AvogardoEric Avogardo6 дзён таму
  • Lmao the double post from Letang lol fk u pens go caps

    ZyphxonZyphxon6 дзён таму
  • Let's gooo Kasperii 💪🇫🇮

    I Drink EstusI Drink Estus6 дзён таму
  • Ваничек сегодня дырявый. Но эти дыры сделала его команда а не он....

    StaroverX5StaroverX56 дзён таму
  • These two teams are so well matched. Tied for first in the league w/ 175 goals each. WOW. Hoping for an explosive playoff matchup. LGP!

    Jordan FaustJordan Faust6 дзён таму
    • @Hutch I’m talking about goals, not standings.

      Jordan FaustJordan Faust5 дзён таму
    • @Hutch In goals? Yes they are, they both have 175 goals as a team. The next closest team in the league has 170, which means they are tied for first.. in the league.. in goals.

      Jordan FaustJordan Faust5 дзён таму
    • @Jordan Faust they aren’t tied for first in the league

      HutchHutch5 дзён таму
    • @Hutch ?

      Jordan FaustJordan Faust5 дзён таму
    • Division*

      HutchHutch5 дзён таму
  • You forgot to show Letang hitting the inside of the post on the empty net and it rolling along the goal line.

    Rockstar StatusRockstar Status6 дзён таму
  • Great game!

    Michael-Mircea MoldovanMichael-Mircea Moldovan6 дзён таму
  • 1:44 Kapanen giving imaginary glove taps to the Caps bench after scoring lol

    Logan DeFeliceLogan DeFelice6 дзён таму
    • @Jimbo Smith lol

      JDJD3 дні таму
    • @Alex Yerkey maybe it was what happened

      Jimbo SmithJimbo Smith5 дзён таму
    • I don’t think that’s what happened

      Alex YerkeyAlex Yerkey5 дзён таму
    • He’s lucky Marchand wasn’t around to jump him lol.

      Matthew KressMatthew Kress5 дзён таму
  • Relieved but 😥 Some good ex-Pens had already made it, too

    C.C.6 дзён таму
  • Penguins are Flyers fans worst nightmare . Imagine if Crosby joins Philly.

    Gary BettmanGary Bettman6 дзён таму
    • @Thomy195 don’t forget about gritty

      HutchHutch5 дзён таму
    • @Robert Sherman That chant is the only eye catching thing that franchise has done in the last 50 years

      Thomy195Thomy1955 дзён таму
    • @Robert Sherman oh yes, the most irrelevant chant in human history😂

      Michael-Mircea MoldovanMichael-Mircea Moldovan5 дзён таму
    • Philly would never have him because, “Crosby Sucks!” Lol

      Robert ShermanRobert Sherman6 дзён таму
  • Great game, Caps did a good job taking it to extra time, both team in playoffs, hopefully Carlson & Ovi come back for the next game!

    Yevgeniy PotapovYevgeniy Potapov6 дзён таму
  • First (;

    Drew ClineDrew Cline6 дзён таму
    • That’s what you probably say in bed to

      Derek TaylorDerek Taylor6 дзён таму