King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

11 Стд 2021
9 783 399 Прагляды

From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

  • rip king von best rapper and f fake fans

    Demarquez HallDemarquez HallХвіліна таму
  • Does von really have a younger brother we must protect him at all cost

    Boss ManBoss Man13 хвілін таму
  • This isn't fire this is memorable🕊😔

    Emanuel BoriaEmanuel Boria19 хвілін таму
  • How did he make a video a week ago?

    April KimmonsApril Kimmons38 хвілін таму
  • king von died 🙃

    Jx1cyJx1cyГодину таму
  • Rip von 🕊💙🕊💙

    Blake ButlerBlake ButlerГодину таму
  • may u rest man, may u rest

    Tiago FreitasTiago FreitasГодину таму
  • To bad his goofy ass got caught lacking 😂

    Ezekiel RyderEzekiel Ryder2 години таму
  • Rip von is da best rapper man

    Rafd3.Rafd3.3 години таму
  • Trash

    Garett TameriusGarett Tamerius3 години таму
  • It’s crazy how Von, juice wrld and pop smoke all made songs called armed and dangerous 🤯 Rip to them all 🙏

    Dream MusicDream Music3 години таму
  • But he take

    Tavaria HarrisTavaria Harris3 години таму
  • Howwwwww want df!!!

    Tavaria HarrisTavaria Harris3 години таму
  • What !

    Tavaria HarrisTavaria Harris3 години таму
  • How he dead wtf

    Tavaria HarrisTavaria Harris3 години таму
  • Long live king von

    Erielle BrownErielle Brown4 години таму
  • Man I love these stories and videos

    Channing MooreChanning Moore4 години таму

    Daniel RivasDaniel Rivas4 години таму
  • king von on the beat so isa banger

    jojo DatDudeejojo DatDudee4 години таму
  • #LLKV

    MMX . jrMMX . jr4 години таму
  • Still can’t believe he gone 😔

    Young ShreddaYoung Shredda5 годин таму
  • damn this shitt bad

    Impxct OfficialImpxct Official5 годин таму
    • @Aahan "among sus"

      Bruh MomentBruh Moment2 години таму
    • @Bruh Moment better than "pro gamer move 200iq" 😭😭😭

      AahanAahan2 години таму
    • @Aahan you play "among sus"

      Bruh MomentBruh Moment3 години таму
    • @Bruh Moment you play fortnite so your opinion doesnt matter

      AahanAahan3 години таму
    • @Daniel Rivas didnt ask

      Bruh MomentBruh Moment4 години таму

    alex boulunkalex boulunk6 годин таму
  • How do he make the songs plz!!! Tell me

    Raymon DavisRaymon Davis6 годин таму
  • Psalm 1

    YHWH CYHWH C6 годин таму

      Daniel RivasDaniel Rivas4 години таму
  • Pray for our babies.....jesus saves the soul. Tired seeing our babies dead at the hands of our sisters babies. Im star carrying a belt around for all yawl lil yung jitts

    Tanesha RowlandTanesha Rowland6 годин таму
  • That shit go HARD**** 5*G VON

    Franky WhiteFranky White6 годин таму
  • You live by the sword u die by the sword once said by the Bible .RIP VON 🕊

    CoLdHeArTeD KiDCoLdHeArTeD KiD6 годин таму
  • Rip von

    Gamingwithdel 2Gamingwithdel 26 годин таму
  • 💜💚R.I.P

    Super MoneySuper Money6 годин таму
  • Doing better # an my boy ain't alive, got the fools tight know it does!!

    nikka 420nikka 4206 годин таму
  • Love you von🖤

    Exclusive vidsExclusive vids7 годин таму
  • 50 cent got shot 9 fucking time wtf

    Colton SimpsonColton Simpson7 годин таму
  • NBA yogboy set up king von y

    King BhKing Bh7 годин таму
    • No he didn’t

      Young ShreddaYoung Shredda5 годин таму
  • This beat just kind of sounds like Eminem

    Cohen Sample vlogsCohen Sample vlogs7 годин таму
  • 0:33 why he washing his car with a sponge

    Jaden BleasdaleJaden Bleasdale7 годин таму
  • Police steady watching me everyday they watching me shit my favorite part and rapper

    Latherial Ross (Student)Latherial Ross (Student)7 годин таму
  • How he just made a video 1 week ago and he pass away

    Jaziyla RogersJaziyla Rogers7 годин таму

    Damien TorresDamien Torres7 годин таму
  • #LLKV 🕊

    Dready LocsDready Locs8 годин таму
  • Long live Vroy🖤😈

    Life Wit TudaLife Wit Tuda8 годин таму
  • same as my father

    Jaquell BurnsJaquell Burns8 годин таму
  • The only thing wrong with this is that it ends in 2 minutes 😢😢

    Mr beast New Chanel buildMr beast New Chanel build8 годин таму
  • Seeing him is different since I've seen him in the morgue 😔

  • My best artist Artis

    Savion MatasaranSavion Matasaran8 годин таму
  • This shit garbage he aint talking bout shit he should have stayed in Chicago where niggas was scared of him at cause down south we dont play that shit a nigga got stretched out acting tough down here all that talking dont mean shit

    K SmithK Smith9 годин таму
  • R.I.P you will be missed legend 😔

    Kamryn ClarkeKamryn Clarke9 годин таму
  • Young rapper

    Grim rip1224 ROCKSTARGrim rip1224 ROCKSTAR9 годин таму
  • Otf

    Supreme GriceSupreme Grice10 годин таму
  • Yep

    Christopher CongressChristopher Congress10 годин таму

    exxeptions ‘exxeptions ‘10 годин таму
  • Rip handsome rip stands for replacement isn't possible never with our gorgeous handsome king von an gee money 💰 ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕ 🍀🍀😊😊😊🍀🍀 📖📖🙏🙏🙏📖📖

    JUICYRED 70JUICYRED 7010 годин таму
  • R.I.P DAD😪💙🙏🔵♿

    Keilan SuttonKeilan Sutton10 годин таму
  • Yo long live the king of story rap much love rip😞

    Burhan Ali RazaBurhan Ali Raza11 годин таму
    • Start this trend #long live king von

      Burhan Ali RazaBurhan Ali Raza11 годин таму
  • R.I.P king von✝️

    Gregory SamuelsGregory Samuels11 годин таму
  • Rip👑🤞💙💙💙

    Princess DeePrincess Dee11 годин таму
  • Rip 👑 von

    Walia BennettWalia Bennett11 годин таму
  • Rip King ving

    Quan SappQuan Sapp11 годин таму
  • This my new favorite song of king von

    Quan SappQuan Sapp11 годин таму
  • Ok first off King von is not the best story teller speakerKnockerz is

    greenflagzgreenflagz11 годин таму
  • I

    greenflagzgreenflagz11 годин таму
  • All the good rappers died

    Bossman BossmanBossman Bossman11 годин таму
  • We love and miss you von

    Bossman BossmanBossman Bossman11 годин таму
  • R.I.P VON🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😔

    scarlard FFscarlard FF11 годин таму
  • King Von rip 😢

    Bren Bren god Brendan dog u on kidBren Bren god Brendan dog u on kid11 годин таму
  • how did life is good have1 billon views this dont that shit weird

    life with davontelife with davonte12 годин таму
  • this song sucks

    Austin BentonAustin Benton12 годин таму
  • Aaaa

    William SmithWilliam Smith12 годин таму
  • Rip Von🕊🖤

    zayyyzayyy12 годин таму

    Zj FamusZj Famus12 годин таму
  • rip king von the best rap

    darius halldarius hall12 годин таму
  • guys he died in November and how he made a vid 1 week ago im scared rn he ain't dead😨😨😨

    shikita harrisshikita harris12 годин таму
    • Haha 😐

      SHEMSHEM12 годин таму
  • 0:22 - Von when he see the opps

    SokreSokre12 годин таму
  • 💔

    ShtratzzShtratzz12 годин таму
  • King Von ft XXXTENTACION..... now that would’ve been a banger 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Mr. MisterMr. Mister12 годин таму
  • 1:10 - when the opps see von

    SokreSokre12 годин таму
  • This how many real king von fans 👎🏽

    deondre youngdeondre young12 годин таму
  • Love von #LLKV #neverforgoten

    Kaydence StanleyKaydence Stanley12 годин таму
  • He went too early😢😢😢.....

    Jack FlashyJack Flashy12 годин таму
  • Best rapper in my list

    tony hundsontony hundson12 годин таму
  • rip bro we miss u a legend damn

    FlowFlow12 годин таму
  • I don’t know why this is my favourite song

    RJ - 06CJ 779350 McClure PSRJ - 06CJ 779350 McClure PS12 годин таму
  • Only ogs listened to king von before black and white album

    Charmaine CarterCharmaine Carter13 годин таму
  • king von wem?

    Dennis2societyDennis2society13 годин таму
  • Why’s every rapper with a song named ‘armed n dangerous’ dying.

    Dilen RaiDilen Rai13 годин таму
    • You cant ever be armed n dangerous enough, the streets will always find you.

      Egan EheartEgan Eheart10 годин таму
  • We all love him

    Valentine KnowlesValentine Knowles13 годин таму
  • #LLKV

    LNTswiftツLNTswiftツ13 годин таму
  • Who thinks this real von

    Samir MckinnoneSamir Mckinnone13 годин таму
  • Let's just pray we dont loose no more legends 😩

    Baddie_JaliyahBaddie_Jaliyah13 годин таму
  • king von more like king gone

    michael hartmichael hart13 годин таму
  • How did they post king von raping

    Kaysen WilliamsKaysen Williams13 годин таму
    • This video he recorded a few months ago he has like 8 other videos but his team will release them later on through the year

      Marco CruzMarco Cruz13 годин таму
  • Never mind Ik because he probably didn’t launch before his death

    Hthegod23_ 23Hthegod23_ 2313 годин таму
  • The dude that killed king von is a bitch made dude and better keep eyes behind his head cause we looking

    John DanksJohn Danks13 годин таму
  • IM confused is he dead or what

    Hthegod23_ 23Hthegod23_ 2313 годин таму
    • He is but he had 8 videos he recorded before he died so his team will release them through year

      Marco CruzMarco Cruz13 годин таму
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    sweatyfnsweatyfn13 годин таму
  • rip king von :( youll never be forgotten

    GamingWith CameronGamingWith Cameron13 годин таму
  • Hi

    Abbas HussainAbbas Hussain13 годин таму
  • At

    Abbas HussainAbbas Hussain13 годин таму
  • 1:21 to 1:32 is fire

    Lol blazeLol blaze14 годин таму
    • @Jaiveer Dhillon right

      Lol blazeLol blaze10 годин таму
    • toooooooo fire

      Jaiveer DhillonJaiveer Dhillon11 годин таму
  • 1:20 we just ignore cus missing that layup in the background

    Anthony PierceAnthony Pierce14 годин таму